Thursday, December 10, 2015

Signing off

So as I look back on when I first created this blog I was wanting to reach out to other working moms that were just like me. I wanted to create something to help encourage them to keep up the great hard work that they do. I started with my first post in 2013 and have really enjoyed creating and sharing with you all.
I have looked back and have decided that the blog has run its course for the time being. I think that it is evolving into another page that I currently manage on Facebook that needs a bigger space to express the message.
So I will be shutting this blog down and after the new year creating a new blog to coincide with my Facebook group page: Digging Deeper, Delighting in God. This page is a women's bible study group page that I currently host and post to. I encourage you to join me as we discuss daily, weekly, monthly devotions and lift each other up. I highly encourage you to join us on Facebook and then eventually here as well. Digging Deeper, Delighting in God
Thank you for visiting, reading, and sharing my thoughts with others from Expressions of a Working Mom.
God bless you all!
With Love,